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Using in a congregation

Who in congregation can use Organized?

The app is a tool for everyone in your congregation – from elders and ministerial servants to pioneers, publishers and even midweek meeting students. Organized is designed to easily collaborate between publishers and appointed brothers. The more people use it, the easier it becomes to collaborate within a congregation.

Should the whole congregation use Organized?

This is possible, but not mandatory - you can use the app alone (for example, as a congregation coordinator, public talk coordinator, secretary, territory overseer, etc.), but the more people use the app, the easier it is to collaborate.

Using Organized makes it much easier and more convenient for publishers and appointed brothers to create and publish schedules, assignments, and events directly in the app, and everyone in the congregation can easily find and view all of this.

Does Organized support exporting to standard theocratic forms?

Of course! You can export schedules, reports, assignment form, etc. to printed PDF templates (either official ones like S-13, S-140, S-89 or custom-designed templates). We contrinuosly working to support all the applicable theocratic forms in the Organized app.

What if a responsible brother can't or don't want to use the app?

Organized is designed to be flexible and accommodate different workflows. If a responsible brother prefers to do the scheduling manually, they can still use the app to input and manage the schedule without using features like "Autofill". This way, he can continue to do the scheduling in his preferred way while still providing a better experience for publishers who can access the schedule and other information through the app. It's a win-win situation for everyone.

Alternatively, the congregation could consider appointing another brother who is willing and able to use the app to assist with entering the data from that brother into Organized for other in a congregation to benefit. This could help to simplify processes and improve efficiency, while still respecting the preferences of the responsible brother.

If the responsible brother is unable or unwilling to use the app at all, that's okay. The app is designed to be a helpful tool for congregation organization and collaboration, but it is not a requirement for every single brother to use it no matter what. In such cases, the congregation can decide to continue using traditional methods to coordinate and manage congregation activities.

How many congregation are already using the app?

Over 100 congregations worldwide are currently using Organized, and this number is growing fast.

Can a publisher use the app no elders are using it?

Each new congregation registration must be approved by a body of elders. So even if an elder creates a congregation in Organized but doesn't really use the app, publishers could still use the basic features of the app, for example to track their ministry time and Bible studies. However, the main features of Organized are designed for scheduling and sharing assignments and reports within a congregation.

Therefore, it's recommended that at least one appointed brother try using the app first, preferably the midweek or weekend meeting overseer, to create and manage the most important schedules. Once elders determine if Organized is a good fit for the congregation, more publishers, pioneers, and ministerial servants can join and benefit from using it.

Can an elder use the app alone?

Yes, an elder can use the app alone to create and export schedules without involving other users. For example, a "Life and Ministry" overseer can create all the schedules and print them to put on the information board. However, if possible, we recommend testing the workflow with a few registered publishers to help them see the meeting schedule and other information on their devices at any time, providing peace of mind.

Can I use the app without sending any schedule data to servers?

Yes, the app can also be used in local mode when auto sync turned off, meaning all data will be stored locally and not sent to any servers for total security. In this case, please remember that all your data is stored in your device's browser, so once you clear cookies or browser history, the data will be lost.