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Digital or print meeting schedules. Why not use both?

· 5 min read

Digital and print templates made in one click with the Organized app

Digital and print meeting scheduling approaches

For a long time, Jehovah's Witnesses have used paper to organize their spiritual activities like meetings, Kingdom Hall maintenance and the preaching work. It was the best way to keep things in order before computers were around. One brother would make the schedule, fill it out or print it, and then put it up on the information board. But now, many brothers are using digital tools to make scheduling easier. Some use spreadsheets, computer programs, or mobile apps, while others still prefer pen and paper. Our team created the Organized app to bring together the best of both digital and paper worlds.

In this article, you'll learn about the benefits of using both digital and print meeting schedules and how the Organized app can help you do just that in the most convenient way possible. So, keep reading to discover how to make your meeting scheduling more efficient and stress-free!

Midweek meeting scheduling with Organized – easy, simple, fast!

· 4 min read

Scheduling meetings in Organized app

Scheduling meetings: An important privilege

Scheduling our Jehovah's Witnesses midweek meetings is an important and demanding task that requires care and attention to detail! Explore how the Organized app can help you create well-planned midweek meeting schedules with ease and efficiency, resulting is better experience for your congregation. Read on to find out more!

Say hello to Organized – your reliable theocratic assistant

· 13 min read

Organized introduction: Say hello to your new theocratic assistant

Say goodbye to stress and say hello to an improved approach to managing your Jehovah's Witnesses congregation's life and responsibilities. Introducing the Organized app, a reliable and efficient theocratic assistant for the whole congregation! This free app will be a great companion for any person – appointed brothers, pioneers, publishers and even midweek meeting students! Let's dive a little bit deeper and learn how Organized app can help you!