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The Organized team

Who develops the Organized app?

The team behind Organized app is called Scheduling Workbox System (short form SWS, also known as sws2apps) and is made up of brothers and sisters from different parts of the world. We all come from various congregations but work together on the Organized app dedicating our time and efforts, as our time allows us to.

Are you working full time on the app?

In addition to working on this app, we all have other important responsibilities in the ministry and our congregations. Many of us dedicate most of our time to serving Jehovah by being pioneers, ministerial servants, or elders. Some of us also help at Bethel, either on-site or remotely. Although we don't work full-time on the app, thanks to being a team, we collectively spend a lot of human hours each week on its development and maintenance. This may translate to the equivalent of a full-time employee's business week, or even more.

We spend our spare time to make Organized a better app, the one that we are happy to use and share with thousands of other dear brothers and sisters from around the globe!

Are you getting paid for the app?

No, "There is more happiness in giving, than there is in receiving." 🙂

Most of us has full- or part-time jobs, as we're not getting paid from the Organized app in any way. All donations are used only to maintain the app and pay for servers, hosting, and software.

How can I join?

Since the project is open-source, you can directly contribute to our GitHub repository if you have an idea. To collaborate closely with the team, reach out via email or join our Telegram group to share your interest in contributing.