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Register and join congregation

Once you open the Organized app, you need to log in to your account. If you don’t have an account yet – registration process is identical to the sign-in process. When you follow the steps below, your account will be automatically created.

There are two ways to log in to the Organized app:
  1. As a publisher or a midweek student.
  2. As a baptized brother.

Here you need to select an option that suits your main current congregation role.


Option 1: Log in as a publisher or a midweek meeting student

Click the "Publisher or student midweek meeting" button. This option is for:

  • Baptized sisters,
  • Unbaptized brothers and sisters,
  • Persons who have assignment on midweek meetings.


Connect to your congregation

After selecting this option, you need to connect to your congregation. You can ask the Organized administrator in your congregation for the code.

Please, remember

Once you connect to the congregation, Organized app will remember your device ID and will associate this device with your account.

Connect to congregation

Enter your invitation code

Ask your elders or the Organized administrator in your congregation for your personal invitation code. After you have entered the code, click on the “Activate” button. If you get an error, double-check the code or see the error message details.


Enter congregation’s encryption code

Great! The next step is entering your congregation’s encryption code. That is a code created by elders to ensure the security of the app. Please don’t share the code without direct permission from your elders.

Click on the “Validate” button, and if the code is correct, your account will be created.

Enter encryption

Notify administrator about your new account

The account is successfully created and connected with your congregation. The important thing left to do is to ask your congregation’s Organized administrator to adjust your account’s roles and rights. After doing so, you will be able to access the app and see the schedules and assignments.

Option 2: Log in as a Baptized brother

Click the "Baptized brother" button. This option is for all baptized brothers, including:

  • Baptized brothers, that don’t have any responsibilities yet (but might have in the future),
  • Baptized brothers, that have responsibilities (e.g., help with territories, filling out forms, etc.),
  • Ministerial servants,
  • Elders.

Baptized brother

Read and accept the terms

After selecting “Baptized brother” option, you will see this important message about how the Organized app works and keeps your data safe. Please read it so you understand it and even can explain it to others. Then select the checkbox below and click “Next”.

Read and accept

Select your login method

Now select how you'd like to log in to Organized. Remember your choice for next time, so you can access your existing account instead of making a new one.

Log in

Alternative: If you don’t have any account in Google, Microsoft, GitHub or Yahoo, you can log in with your email address. Just select “Continue with Email” option and and follow the short and simple instructions.

Email auth

Request adjustments of your rights

Well done! Your “Baptized brother” account is now created! You just need to:

  1. Inform your congregation’s Organized administrator
  2. Provide him your email address that you used for account registration
  3. Wait until he assigns you all the necessarry roles and rights.

Afterward, so you can open the Organized app and start using it.