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About Organized app

Organized is a free all-in-one web application crafted specifically for Jehovah's Witnesses congregations. Developed by our team at Scheduling Workbox System, it's designed for ease of use by every member of the congregation. We are actively developing the app to bring more features and to make it more and more useful for every person in a congregation.

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How Organized is different compared to other theocratic apps?

We know that there are other apps aiming to support congregations. We're not trying to judge which app is the best. Simply try Organized to see if it's a good fit for you.

Some of the Organized differentiators are: 1. Free for everyone, 2. Open source code with full transparency, 3. User-centered design-first approach, 4. Easy and convenient to use, 5. Cross-platform flexibility.

What are the benefits of using Organized app?

When it comes to tangible benefits in real-life situations, consider the following: Reduced stress for every congregation member, hundreds of hours saved for appointed brothers, streamlined digital processes with way less waste, improved speed of collaboration, and enhanced convenience for all. To explore Organized in a more visual format, feel free to visit our YouTube channel or the About Organized webpage — an ideal resource to introduce Organized to others.

Is Organized an official application from the organization?

No, it is not an official app from the organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Organized offers beneficial features for congregations, but its use is your choice. We recommend speaking with your congregation elders before starting to use the app for the whole congregation.

Why is Organized a web application? Is it safe to use in a congregation?

We believe that transitioning from desktop applications to web applications offers more advantages and flexibility. Web applications are not dependent on system or hardware specifications; you can launch them from any platform or device with a browser, whether you work with Windows, Mac, Linux, ChromeOS or mobile Android, iPadOS, or iOS devices. We are well aware of the security challenges of web applications. Be confident that we have built the app using the most advanced and secure approach, and we are actively enhancing the security of Organized, consistently keeping up with the latest security advancements and changes in web technologies. We've implemented multiple special security measures (for example, local storage, end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, app lock feature, and more) to ensure that only members of your congregation can access the information, keeping it strongly confidential.

Do you have another questions?

This website is made to explain how Organized works and how you can benefit from using it. So feel free to explore different topics to learn more. Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page to read answers to many popular questions (and even some that are thought about but not asked 🙂 ) about Organized features, security and more!